PHP Designer 7 – The best IDE for Web developers.

As a freelance coder I need a really reliable IDE for everyday work. I’ve tried a lot of IDEs so far. None of them suited me 100%. Until I found PHP Designer 7.
Since I am sitting by comp not less than 12 hours daily I need eye friendly background. I did myself one. It includes colorization for languages I use most HTML, PHP, JavaScript and CSS.

The dark theme for PHP Designer I am using every day.

What amazes me most about this software is incredible speed. It is much faster than any other IDE I tried before. Whether it is code completion or just a FTP I get what I want immediately.
Speaking of code completion. PHP Designer 7 has top support for JavaScript / Ajax. You wish jQuery, Ext JS, YUI, Dojo, MooTools or Prototype? No problem with this IDE. Pretty surprising when it’s called “PHP” Designer.
Things like highlight matching brackets, highlight matching HTML tags or highlight missing brackets are must when you customize your or someone else code. This and much more is implemented in PHP Designer 7.
More info on this software you can get on its official site.
Download .zip file for FREE!

12 thoughts on “PHP Designer 7 – The best IDE for Web developers.

  1. Hey man, thanks for sharing your colors. Do you have any idea how I can modify/add new graphical Themes? They lack a truly dark theme, the only one I see is Eos and it’s too green.

      • Yeah you mean the Tools > Preferences > Editor > Syntax Highlighters, that’s not what I was referring to. What I mean is the actual program Themes that you can apply by going to Views > Themes. I already had your syntax highlighters loaded, and I need a dark program theme to match the contrast so I can focus easier.

  2. thanxs for sharing, I just discoverd this phpdesigner, it looks amazing !

    your colors are more confortable but background colors is not easy to change…

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