Advanced Videobox

With this plugin you can add videos to your sidebar (or any other widgetized area of your site). Just copy and paste code of the video into the Advanced widget.
The Youtube’s original video code doesn’t pass W3C validation. The filtered video code of the Advanced Videobox will keep your site XHTML valid. Of course only in case the site was valid beforehand :).

Latest version 1.0.1

Download the latest version


  • Web 2.0 graphics
  • Plugin outputs XHTML valid code
  • Change sizes of the video comfortably through widget panel
  • Easily customizable CSS
  • Add up to 20 videos

You can add up to 20 videos. Music, tutorials, ads or whatever you want.


  • Download plugin from WordPress repository.
  • Unzip and upload it to wp-contentplugins. Or you can go to the admin panel:
    • Plugins –> Add New
    • Type “advanced videobox” into the search field.
    • Install.
  • Drag the widget instance to the widget panel of your choice
  • Choose number of videos and SAVE widget to see correct number of the input fields.
  • Add width and height of the videos
  • Add title and code for each video
  • If you want to display customized video player, you have to check “Enable parameters”. Don’t do that if you want to keep code of the video XHTML valid.


28 thoughts on “Advanced Videobox

  1. hi, I really want to make this plugin work for me. I am using it for a website which is on an Ancient Script. Instead of asking my users to download a font I created to display the unicode characters, I will just use your plugin. However, this error returned when i activated it:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/oedph/domains/ on line 25

    and then when i try to access the setting page, it says that i do not have permission to access the page, although I am the admin of the site.

  2. Hello… liked the concept and it sort of worked when I had nothing else on my sidebar and the minute I added anything else, the video window disappeared with only the slider buttons visible and when I click on them… Nothing happens. the video window doesn’t comeback. Here is the test site that will replace the Expression site…


  3. Hello, just downloaded your Advanced Video Box.. I would love to use it, but my custom player is flowplayer and upon checking the enable parameters option I can’t see to get the player to show. Any thoughts? Thanks..

  4. very cool!
    unfortunately my site has no sidebar anymore whats the ony place for widgets…:(
    how can i get this widget into a page?
    would be great if thats possible.

  5. Great plugin! One question though:

    Is there a way of having the playback of a video automatically stop when a different video is selected?

    Jimmy & Val (jiva)

  6. Hi, the plugin worked partly for me.. The big box at the top has a still image and the video will play when clicked. I have a list of the rest of the videos below but the small boxes on the left don’t show any image, only the videocam gray one. Any ideas? Thanks

      • How do you get your images to work..if u say its a Utube problem.. Having same issue..I cant display any images in the avatar section and I can only display 1 video..upload another and then none of them work at all.
        Little disappointed here.. I see other issues as well..have fixed yet? I’m gonna have to keep looking for a better plugin..sorry can’t donate here

  7. Hello..

    Thanx for o great plugin. I have a problem with youtube video thumbs… how I can fix it.

    <a href="#video-” title=””>
    <?php echo "”; ?>

  8. Now, I understand. This plugin seems to only work with YouTube videos. At first, when I tried an embed videos from someplace else, the plugin didn’t work. But when I tried YouTube videos, the plugin works. Thanks.

  9. Hi all,

    I have tried to use this advanced Video in my WordPress 3 but it dosn’t work… I have tried a 3 diferent emded codes but it dosn’t work in no one of this 3 options. This are:


    Hi all,

    I have tried to use this advanced Video in my WordPress 3 but it dosn’t work… I have tried a 3 diferent emded codes but it dosn’t work in no one of this 3 options. This are:


    Where is the error?

    Xavier Villanueva

  10. Hi Tom. What is the correct embed code that works? It seems the embed code direct from YouTube does not work at all.

    I’ve used the simplest form of embed code but video-1 just don’t show up.

    Please help.

  11. Hi How do you get the video thumbnails to appear? I only have the video camera where thumbs should be. My site is on a temp url at the moment while I build it.
    Great plugin by the way!

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  14. Not sure what I am doing wrong but I have not been able too get the plugin to work.
    I have tried all of the codes but none seem to work for me.
    Can you give a more detailed description of which code we should be using. And if it is not working what might be the cause.

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